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The Fittest Winner Program was created by Chancellor Rogers in 2011 and has served Faculty & Staff as an incentive program to exercise and lose weight. We now cater to Faculty, Staff and Students and provide a nurturing atmosphere for individuals to achieve their fitness goals. We run our program every semester, 10 weeks for faculty and staff, and 8 weeks for students. The programs run side by side to each other, meaning the entire University community is working on their fitness goals, enabling students, faculty and staff to support one another in their efforts to succeed.

Our program tries to foster healthy competition amongst peers, encourages individuals to become leaders and promotes the overall health of every university individual. In the past we have had up too 500 participants in one season, averaging teams of about 12-15 people. With two previous seasons under our belt the program has succeeded in helping shed close to two tons of excess weight off our participants. Our participants average four to five hours of exercise per person, per week. According to the Center for Disease Control this is the golden number for significant weight loss.

Currently our first through sixth place winners receive Visa Gift Cards for every individual on their teams, but one of our future goals is to be able to provide even more incentives to reward and celebrate participants for their hard work and dedication to a healthier life. In Alaska we get long tough winters, and this program provides a source of motivation and encouragement when the winter blues kicks in. We hope to hold a closing ceremony every season and recognize individuals who go above and beyond to help their team and their University succeed.

Our program is what is considered in the business world, a Wellness Program and it is designed to help cut costs at the University to keep our community employed and our students in attendance, but since its creation it has evolved into so much more! Here at the Fittest Winner Competition we are reaching out to our peers and trying to change lives.

If you would like to donate to our program please call the Fittest Winner Program Director, Kayli Stanfill at (907)-474-7304 and leave a message with your name and contact number.

You can also print out the donation sheet below:

Donation Form:

 Send it to:

Fittest Winner Competition

P.O. BOX 757860


Or drop off at:

UAF Human Resource Office

3295 College Road, Room 108

Fairbanks, Alaska99775-7860


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